Elice Darien skincare products were borne out of the need to help real women take charge of their lives and live a healthy, happy life. Our  skincare products are a perfect blend of what a woman needs to revive her self confidence and feel all glam once again. Our skin care products and teas are made from natural elements which focus on providing solution to the common skin problems in the most natural way possible. Due to this, we ensure all our products are devoid of fillers and harmful chemicals.

Irrespective of your race or skin type, you will find solace in our products made from 100% safe materials that nourish the entire body at once.

Beauty inside out

Our brand believes it's our responsibility to take care of our bodies and look our best always while showing love to those in need. By all means, our products will help you radiate beauty inside and out.

Our organic tea and skincare products made from rich natural ingredients that carry the story of women and men who have fought and won the battle against delicate skin.


  • Our products are made with, Safe and ECO certified ingredients because we believe in a safe and honest health focus.
  • Manufactured under FDA Certified Good Manufacturing Processes.
  • No animal testing
  • No Parabens, pesticides or petroleum
  • Visible results can be seen within the first few weeks of application.


Our skincare collection and teas are made from wild-crafted ingredients that improve the look of the skin. The uniqueness of the ingredients can be further seen in our customer feedback or reviews. All over the world, happy customers are always eager to shop from our store and buy from us again. We want you to be happy too. Come shop with us!


Ellice Darien

More Than A Pretty Face


Honest Products

 Non-toxic skincare, and makeup. We never use harmful chemicals. 


Truly Life Changing

Radiant skincare starts with honest formulas and the commitment to bring clean, safe and effective products. 



Beauty ... Inside & Out

Our product lines include skincare for the outside, teas for the inside, and holistic aromatherapy for your environment.

Meet Ellice

Everyone is beautiful, unique and fabulous. Your external appearance reflects your internal confidence and comfort level. You decide how natural you want to be. A healthy balance is maintained between yourself and the world we live in.

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